Why I’m Running

Why I’m Running

It’s time to fight for Seattle.

Dear Seattle Neighbor,

Seattle is a great place where people want to live. It’s beautiful and has wonderful neighborhoods each with a strong sense of community.

But this is under threat. With unprecedented growth, we are adding hundreds of new residents every week. The question is not whether we will grow, but whether we will take the right actions to address the challenges of our rapidly changing city. The city has simply become unaffordable for more and more working people, middle- and low income families, and renters. Marginalized and underserved communities are consistently left out of the conversation. Our infrastructure and services continue to fall short of needs.

As Chair of the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition, I’ve brought people together to openly discuss how to tackle these issues. Now, I want to continue working for all of the people and all of our neighborhoods on City Council.

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It isn’t enough to talk about being a “progressive” city. City Council has not been effective in governing to address the real issues that confront our city and our neighborhoods. We need to leverage Seattle’s growth to ensure we provide affordable housing, superior transportation options, living wage jobs, and the critical services so necessary to a functioning city. That means putting policies into place that make sure our growth works for all of us, not just for the interests of the development industry.

In 2013, I was one of the driving forces behind Seattle Districts Now, the move to elect Councilmembers by district. By a landslide margin, Seattle voters said they want a change. They want responsive elected officials. They want a voice in what Seattle does. And they recognize our strength is in our people and great, livable neighborhoods — not simply in how quickly or how much we build.

Now I am taking the next step to make sure our City Council delivers on this promise.

It’s time for elected officials who take actions that make sure our our changing city continues to work for all of us. As a community activist I’ve worked for years to ensure Seattle is a city that values the interests of its people and its neighborhoods. With your support I will continue that work on City Council.

Together we can take take back Seattle.

Your neighbor,

Bill Bradburd