About Me

I moved to Seattle for several reasons:  its beauty and quality of life, its affordability, it was a place that welcomed me as an artist and musician, and, it had a job for me.

Like many citizens, I first became interested in community issues when “the locals” became concerned.  In my case it was a big box mall that was proposed our neighborhood.  From that effort a decade ago,  I became involved first with my own neighborhood, and then as an activist on issues that have confronted many communities or the city as a whole.

What I have found is that people love their neighborhood, and love the diversity of neighborhoods found throughout the city.  And that they intuitively understand what works and what really doesn’t work for Seattle.

Over the years I have been engaged with neighborhood planning and zoning issues, and I have had the opportunity to help neighbors that often find the City difficult to work with.  I have been a passionate advocate for low-cost housing by seeking changes to the land use codes and to specific projects to ensure provisions for affordability are included.   I have pressed for a return to more robust and complete neighborhood planning where citizens have a voice in how their neighborhoods grow.  And I have worked to ensure that capital expenditures in the city be more balanced and that the City operate transparently and with its citizens’ interests first.

Little Saigon

Bill led efforts to protect Little Saigon from a big-box shopping mall.


Leading the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition, I have been an advocate for our neighborhoods and fostered public discussion of issues that are important to the citizens of Seattle.

As a leader in Seattle Districts Now, I helped bring districted City Council elections to Seattle, which voters approved in an historic landslide in 2013.   I have been a consistent advocate for a City Council that recognizes that Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, and that those neighborhoods have distinct needs and challenges.

I helped preserve the natural beauty of Seattle’s skyline from obtrusive corporate logos by defeating a backroom deal.

I helped organize neighbors to oppose the commercialization of Magnuson Park’s historic Building 11 which has allowed the return of non-profits and artists into the building.

And I helped protect Seattle’s Little Saigon from a big-box shopping mall by working together with coalition of community groups, business and labor.

Bill and his wife Emily, and their two daughters

Bill and his wife Emily, and their two daughters

After a career in high tech, I became interested in public service as a way to give back.  In addition to my community leadership, I have worked as an artist and musician, and as a full-time kid-wrangler.  I live in Seattle’s Central District with my wife, Emily, and our two daughters who attend public school.