A Livable Seattle

Building and safeguarding strong neighborhoods
Investing wisely in transportation
Guarding against inappropriate infill
Protecting what makes Seattle great

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A Just Seattle

Restoring trust in public safety
Rent stabilization and Renters' rights
Taking care of the vulnerable
Truly affordable housing
Public banking

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A Seattle for Everyone

Working for all Seattle
Giving our neighborhoods a voice
Accessible leadership

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Making growth work for all

Seattle is growing, and it’s changing fast.  But it’s becoming a great place to live only if you can afford it.  We need to take back control of growth.

Seattle has been and must continue to be a place that supports and values the interests of working people, middle- and low- income families and renters.  We all want the quality of life here to remain high, yet it is easy to see where we have fallen short.

It’s time to protect reasonably-priced housing for working people and middle-class families, and to aggressively invest in new housing for those that cannot afford what “the market” produces.

It’s time to ensure that profitable developments give something back to the City, and that we invest more equitably and wisely to improve our transportation infrastructure and public amenities.

It’s time to start governing Seattle more as a City of Neighborhoods, with distinct, important local concerns and needs.

These will be my priorities on City Council.  Our challenges can be overcome with leadership that is not afraid to ask tough questions, engage with people, and take action.  With your support, we can take back Seattle.